I made something...Finally!

Two taggies, to be precise. They are almost identical to the ones I made previously. I had just enough leftover cute car fabric that I got in Japan, that I couldn't pass up the chance to make it for my own baby. I can't say that she likes it as much as I thought she would, but she does like to chomp it. That's good enough. 



Baby Turban

Baby turban made by grandma.

In December, our little one arrived earlier than expected, so I only had one day off from work before going into labor. I had planned to take two weeks off prior to my due date and get so much accomplished before she arrived. But plans never quite work out the way you want, particularly when you have a long to-do list to tackle. Oh well! And I could forget about making plans at all once she arrived. It was survival mode for the first month or so and we are only now getting into a routine at the two month mark. Still impossible to sew anything at the moment, but I hope that changes soon.

Here she is modelling her baby turban, specially made by Grandma. I saw this knitting tutorial on Pinterest and asked my mom if she could make it since I don't knit. She made this one and a bigger one in the same light turquoise that the pattern shows. So damn cute.


Zip Pouches

larger blue owl zip pouch

These two zip pouches were made for friends. The Blue Owl fabric pouch was a birthday present. She had been using a makeup bag that was very similar to this one in that it had owls as well, but in brown and cream. When I saw this fabric it made me think of her.

larger blue owl zip pouch

Her bag had a tab on the zipper, so I wanted to replicate that, too. After making it, I realized just how much I squeeze the body of my own zip pouches on each side when zipping them, so in the future I might just add a tab to each side of the pouch. The only difference is that I made this one taller than her bag, so that she could fit more inside. It's about 7x5 or so. I didn't measure the finished product.

Small pink zip pouch

Small pink zip pouch

The smaller pink glasses pouch has been waiting to be made for 10 months or so, mostly just due to laziness. She wanted a small pouch to house cards and money. It's about  5 1/2 inches x 3 1/2. I made this one first as a test before I cut into the blue owl fabric. I had never done a tab on a pouch and I wanted to make sure it would work.

This is an excellent way to use up extra fabric from my coffee sleeves, as I always have a long strip left over after cutting them out that would work perfectly for the size. I have been saving all those pieces, so maybe I'll make some more of these to sell.


Burp Cloths

Burp Cloths

Nine burp cloths ready to go.

This kind of thing is very easy to make, but before I dove in I did some research. I read a whole bunch of tutorials and reviews about different kinds of burp cloths to get an idea of what is most useful. Here's what I gathered.

1. I found that although the pre-fold cloth diaper based ones are easy to make and cute at first, they can be quite thick and look messy after lots of washing.

2. Some people said that flannel and chenille or terry cloth is a good combo in order to keep the absorbency, but still be thin enough to wipe away messes.

3. And I chose to sew lines down the center like a couple of tutorials in order to keep the fabrics from shifting in the wash and make it nice and easy to fold.

4. For size, I just went with whatever fit over my shoulder and worked with my scrap towel pieces.

Burp Cloths

These three were made from old towel scraps. The red one was used to make an ice pack long ago and the blue one was made into a bath mat, which I don't think I ever posted on here.

Burp Cloths

This Heather Ross unicorn fabric is so soft and I only had a fat quarter, so it was perfect. Love it.


Burp Cloths

These six were made using some black terry cloth fabric I bought a long time ago to make a beach/pool robe, but never got around to. I think I still have enough to do it in the future. The four houndstooth and polka dot are flannel and the other two are cotton and linen.

Burp Cloths


New pot holders. Bigger and better.

Poor little guys all burned up.

Aww, remember these guys? They are in terrible condition now. Burnt to a crisp with years of use. It was definitely time for some new pot holders.

New pot holders

Behold the new and improved, bigger and better pot holders. I used the same pattern as the Braii gloves in this post.

bigger and better

There are two major changes. 1.) Longer is always better just in case you need to stick a tiny ramekin into the back of the oven. No need to worry about your forearms with these. And 2.) I decided to put the cute fabric on the bottom since the top is most likely getting the most heat. I used a thicker green canvas fabric for top and a normal quilting weight grocery pattern for the bottom.

New pot holders

They match my kitchen, too.